Collect Requirements Tools and Techniques - Questionnaire, Observation and Prototype

As part of the Collect Requirements Tools and Techniques, we have covered majority of the ground and in this last leg we will be looking into three more tools that are used,

1. Questionnaire
Questionnaires are most helpful when each stakeholder (and possibly even the customers) can’t be reached in person. A questionnaire can always be circulated online to seek feedback and collect requirements

2. Observation
A feedback, although very crucial, might not always correctly represent what a user actually needs. Observing users while they are using the product can thus be much more insightful

3. Prototype
A prototype is basically a model of the product that should give the stakeholders a good idea of what to expect. Users do come up with requirements while they use the prototype which no one would have thought of earlier and this avoids significant number of change requests. Ofcourse, prototype suits agile or iterative model of software development much more than the waterfall model

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