Deconstruction, 8/80 Rule, Control Account and Code of Accounts

While we have covered a whole bunch of concepts related to Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), below are 4 other that might come in handy as options of some of the questions in PMP,


This is just another name for Decomposition. Deconstruction of Project is done via the WBS Creation

8/80 Rule

This is another name for the 10-day rule. WBS follows the 8/80 rule which basically means deliverables are decomposed till they require 8 to 80 hours of work (or 10 days of work)

Control Account

With WBS think about how easy or difficult it could get to track the progress of the project. It could be difficult to track a project at a very high level in the WBS yet equally difficult at the lowest level too. This is where we take a point between the top most level and the Work Package level and call it the Control Account. Control Account are pre-determined points where scope, cost and schedule are integrated and compared to the earned value for performance measurement. A Control Account usually has one or more work packages

Code of Accounts

Code of Accounts is typically a numbering system that uniquely identifies each component of the WBS

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